About Tiger Pug

We operate a B2B Ecommerce business with a global customer base

Our customers are retailers (Franchisees). These include online sellers who sell on marketplaces like Amazon as well as those who operate physical stores

The key areas of our business are

1. Trend spotting and merchandise fitment with trends and consumer needs
2. Merchandise manufacturer identification based on requirements
3. Merchandise sourcing and procurement from identified manufacturers
4. Importation from multiple countries into the country of purchase
5. Wholesale to our customers
6. Liquidation support of unsold inventory purchased by our customer

We also support our customers with listing their products on online marketplaces and supporting them in managing these listings

If you are a retailer or online seller and would like to procure products from Tiger Pug, please do enroll with us as a Franchisee. As a member of the Tiger Pug Franchisee Network you will start receiving regular communication about the latest products in our catalogue. You can then order these and have them delivered to your warehouse or shop and sell them to end customers in your market