The medical reason for usage of Adult Diapers is Urinal Incontinence. It is a condition where the Pelvic floor muscles are weakened and cannot hold the pressure exerted by the bladder. Urinal incontinence is a cause of loose pelvic floor muscles. Apart from the age factor, incontinence can also happen due to the pressure exerted to the abdomen by running, coughing or sneezing which is common at later stages of life.

Adult diapers come in basic two variants:

  1. Pant style Diapers
  2. Pad type Diapers

The choice of suitable diaper depends on the right combination of pant and pad style diapers.

Selecting a pant style diaper depends upon the wearer’s physical mobility conditions (if or not the wearer can walk and sit alone), preferences and body type.

Selecting a Pad type diaper depends upon the gender, frequency and amount of urine passed by the wearer and daytime or nighttime usage- which explains the position of the wearer for a long duration.


  1. Friends
  2. Kare In
  3. KosmoCare
  4. Wetex
  5. AVM Super Dry
  6. Easyfit
  7. Orizo Brand Adult Diapers
  8. Kelu Brand Adult Diapers
  9. Wyndel
  10. Romsons Magna
  11. P-Love
  12. TENA Plus Adult Diapers
  13. Medi Plus
  14. Oliviano Brand Adult Diapers
  15. Snowy Adult Diapers

The foreign brands leading in the sector are as follows

  1. Attends
  2. Abena
  3. Tranquility ATN
  4. TENA
  5. Prevail
  6. Depend
  7. PER-FIT
  8. Dignity
  9. Select
  10. Maxi Care


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Author: Drishti Basi