Become a Franchisee

There are two types of Franchisee relationships

  1. Master Franchisee
  2. Retail Franchisee

Depending on your skills and investment you can become a Master Franchisee or a Retail Franchisee of Tiger Pug

The role of a Master Franchisee includes

  1. Identification of Franchisee Retailers (physical and online sellers) in your territory
  2. Sign up of Franchisee Retailers for Tiger Pug Wholesale B2B eCommerce
  3. Offering new products from the Tiger Pug catalogue to the Franchisees
  4. Order taking and order placement on Tiger Pug
  5. Collection of payments from Franchisees
  6. Co-ordination of deliveries to Franchisees

Tiger Pug will support Master Franchisees in the following

  1. Identification of online sellers in the Franchisee area for the Master Franchisee to sign up
  2. Franchisee on-boarding including helping new Franchisees in setting up seller accounts on online marketplaces and supporting the franchisee in getting started on online marketplace sales
  3. Liquidation of unsold inventory – support in terms of selling off unsold inventory (subject to limits and terms and conditions)

The role of a Franchisee (Retail Partner)

  1. Sign up for Tiger Pug Cash and Carry
  2. Set up an online seller account on various marketplaces
  3. Order products from the catalogue offered by Tiger Pug B2B eCommerce
  4. Provide first level of customer service on the products
To become a Master Franchisee or a Franchisee please contact us