Brands and Manufacturers – become a Product Supply Partner

Use our retailer network to expand your distribution

Tiger Pug has a fast growing network of retailers. These are in several territories that may be of interest to brands and manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer of good quality products for sale to consumers, and are looking to expand your distribution network you should consider becoming a product supply partner to Tiger Pug

As a Product Supply Partner you will have the opportunity to expand your retail distribution by using the Tiger Pug platform. You will get access to our retailer network in territories where you do not have presence

You have provide us with the following

  1. Good quality catalogue of products with photographs, descriptions and specifications
  2. Transfer price to us at a mutually agreed percentage of the consumer selling price
  3. Earmark inventory to be able to fulfill retailer orders with minimal order cancellations
  4. Fulfill orders received from the platform by making deliveries to our Master Franchisees responsible for the territory from where the order is originating

Increase your national and international distribution by partnering with Tiger Pug

To know more about how you can become a Product Supply Partner please write to or call +91 98-18-314184