Corporate Sourcing Services

As a business organisation , you can import your internal use products directly and enjoy savings from such direct imports

Tiger Pug can assist you in identifying and sourcing merchandise and items

These could be

  1. Office Use Items – Consumables, Furniture, Lighting, Décor
  2. Marketing Promotions related purchases - Gift With Purchase
  3. Sales Operations – Merchandising, Point of Sale Displays, Sales team kits and bags
  4. Trade Marketing – Rewards and Incentive Items
  5. Consumer Loyalty – Premiums and rewards
  6. Employee shop - special company branded products

We can source and import these directly in your company name

This will give you the following savings and benefits

  1. Local tax savings as your company will be the importer and user. You are not buying from a local company who will charge you taxes*
  2. Transparent pricing as we only charge a sourcing fee thereby giving you better control
  3. Quality assurance and door delivery
  4. Ability to also deliver directly to your dealers and retailers
  5. ability to source from a single point for your offices and businesses in multiple countries

You can use our China Sourcing Centre for your procurement needs. We can warehouse the products purchased by you in China and send them to your offices and locations as and when you require these. This will also optimize your import duties as you will pay import duties only for those items that you require

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* Subject to country tax compliance