China Sourcing Tips

China Sourcing Tips

If you are in India and looking to products from China, here are some things that you should keep on your check list.

  1. Verify whether the supplier is genuine.
  2. Do a reference check in case you can get the supplier to give you a couple of customer names?
  3. Ask for samples of the products. Preferably at no charge for the sample itself but you may pay for courier charges.
  4. Check if they are a seller on Alibaba and other sites and whether there are any reviews & ratings.
  5. Be clear about your requirements in terms of specification and minimum order quantity.
  6. Check if the supplier will arrange shipping to India.
  7. Verify if they own the brand and the design as you need to be sure about the Intellectual Property Rights.
  8. Ask for packaging information as you may need to create new packaging for India.
  9. Ask about product warranties and the options incase products do not meet the specifications.
  10. Test the sample & products before ordering larger quantities.
  11. Work out the payment terms so that both parties are comfortable with the same.

These tips are not only for China but for any International Sourcing

If you are a retailer so you may find it difficult to go through these steps on your own especially if you have to order small quantities from multiple suppliers

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