The eco-friendly approach today has blended with the mind-sets and lifestyles of people. Environmentally conscious consumers want to make an informed choice of their purchases and wish to reduce the overall harm on the ecological balance due to excessive non-organic production.

Eco-Fashion by definition takes into account the environmental impact, the impact on the user and the workers who have manufactured the product under due consideration of safety and quality standards. It covers under itself the following

  • Clothes made from cotton which don’t have pesticides used on them
  • Silk from worms fed on organic vegetation
  • Clothes made from recycled materials like plastic and wool
  • Clothes made without using harmful chemical dyes and bleaches and using plant based dyes instead.

Eco- Friendly fashion industry is not new in India since the traditional handloom crafts have always been a part of the concept. This upcoming trend has evolved more actively in innerwear and child and infant clothing since the immediate effects of chemical bleaches on skin need to be minimized.

The entire concept of Eco-friendly products is creating a responsible and safe clothing range which can be easier on the environment and additive in terms of its impacts to the end user as well as the basic manufacturers who get a fair price of not using chemical and conservation of resources like water; to produce them.

Eco friendly fashion

Indian Brands who are making their mark in the field are ranging from names like

  • Indigreen
  • No Nasties
  • Forty Red Bangles
  • Samtana
  • Tvach
  • Anokhi
  • UV & W
  • Bhu:Sattva
  • Do You Speak Green
  • Ethicus
  • Hidesign

Brands popular on websites like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal only range from Anokhi, Bhu:Sattva and UV & W in the clothing and Apparel section. Organic Clothes India and are major export house for Organic clothing for children, women, men and organic shopping bags.

‘Innersense Beauty’ dominates Organic Antimicrobial Innerwear.

The Indian brands popular with children’s clothing on E-Retail websites like Flipkart and Amazon range within the following names:

  • Little Green Kid
  • Burt's Bees Baby
  • L'ovedbaby
  • Sofie & Sam
  • All Greenic

Overseas brands which are popular amongst masses range from

  • Braintree
  • Bibico
  • Colored Organics (children’s clothing)
  • Kuyichi

CREDITS: Reference to introduction and standards of organic clothing Children’s Organic clothing Video explains the harms of non-organic materials for clothing Organic cotton innerwear and its effects

Author : Drishti Basi