Categories of protective and assistance equipment can be divided into the following categories

1. Shower and Tub
- Grab Bars

Grab bars provide balance and assistance in slippery bathroom floor conditions, where chances of tripping and falling are high. They can be installed along the edges of the bathtub, for easy in stepping out. Or can be installed on the bathroom walls, near the commode for the ease in getting up and moving around, the height and positioning for convenience to grab should be kept in mind.

Grab bars come in variants of
i. Secure Mount grab bar
ii. Portable Suction grab bar

- Non slip mats

Non- slip mats are commonly placed right outside the bathroom door or the bath tub, to avoid slipping on the wet floor.

- Transfer Benches

These benches have an extended sitting area outside the bathtub, for the people who cannot directly step into the bathtub. It assists in ‘transferring’ the individual inside the bathing area smoothly.

Transfer benches could be
i. Sliding
ii. Non-Sliding

- Bath seat lifts

Bath lifts are specially designed to electronically lower the bathers into the bathtub, and accordingly bring them up.

2. Commodes
- Toilet seat risers

Toilet seat risers reduce the distance between the user and the toilet seat, hence reducing the strain on knees, thighs or other injured areas.

Seat risers can be determined on the basis of the user’s
1. Weight
3. Stability

- Safety frames

Safety frames combine the usability of a raised platform chair and grab bars, as it attaches handles on the raised chair platform which can be placed on top of the toilet.

3. Toilets
- Bed side 3in1 commodes

3in1 commode fulfills the needs of i. Bedside toilet in bedroom with the attached pail ii. An elevated seat which can act as toilet seat riser if placed on toilet
iii. Side bars on the toilet set, help in easier sitting and lifting up process

- Drop arm commodes

Drop down commodes have easy, foldable arms which help in easy shifting and movement of the user.

- Rolling commode chairs

Rolling commode chairs have wheels attached to its bottom for easy portability and mobility.

- Folding commodes

The additional feature to regular 3in1 commodes is the foldability which adds to the portability.

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Author: Drishti Basi