Tiger Pug Retail and Trade Partners

Is it similar to Alibaba ?

NO, Alibaba is a listing of suppliers who will supply directly to you. You have to deal individually with each supplier and each supplier has their own terms and conditions and most importantly they have their own Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Tiger Pug is the importer and supplier and will provide you with products that are procured from manufacturers and sent to you after customs clearance and after all quality and regulatory compliance

What are the products? Do you have any catalogue/brochure for it?

We have a range of products and we source the trending products that are being sold online or are in demand in your country or overseas. The catalogue and brochure will be available on our website by July 1 2016

What is the product warranty/Guarantee?

Tiger Pug is responsible for checking the quality of products being sourced. Where there is a manufacturer warranty the company will be responsible

What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ will be less than if you were to try and buy it directly. We expect our retail partners to place orders of Rs. 5000 and above per order but there is no minimum. For orders less than Rs 5000 there may be some shipping charges

When it’s going to start?

The service is already on for any retailer who wants to order in bulk. For the smaller retailers who want to order smaller quantities we are expecting to start later this year. The dates are being decided

Do you give franchisee?

We are seeking franchisees for different territories. The main task will be to sign up retailers and be an order-booking agency

How can we trust your products?

We are an established company doing business in India since 1998. Our group companies work with some of the largest brands in India. You can see www.kankei.com or www.ndcommerce.in . Our founders are from various professional fields and we have been serving large corporations and running our ecommerce business for several years

What is the return policy?

Only those products that are defective will be taken back. All other confirmed orders cannot be changed once placed. We offer our retail partners a liquidation service to help them liquidate and sell their unsold inventory

What are the delivery charges?

All pricing will be based on an all inclusive basis and this will be quoted to you before you take a decision to place an order

Why will my customers buy that imported product?

Products that are sourced by us are trending and selling online or in other countries or states. These products serve a specific customer need and we will be providing you with those products that we feel will sell

Any marketing support for products bought?

It will depend from product to product. However our main aim is to give retailers like you access to good quality unique merchandise for you to sell based on product features and product benefits