How can online stores provide product purchase guidance to their website visitors

How can online stores provide product purchase guidance to their website visitors

As the Internet offers consumers more options to buy, so does it increase the consumers’ appetite to spend. Buying products has now become easier than ever before and we may end up buying products that we do not know much about or even may not really need – driven by the huge discounts being offered on various marketplaces and online stores

Online stores can assist their website visitors with a range of buying assistance through one or more of the following methods

  • Call Centre with product specialists
  • Web Chat with product specialists
  • Product Buying Guides created with the intent to provide buying assistance
  • Product Purchase Planner tools wherein customers are asked relevant questions and then provided with suggestions on products that may best suit them
  • Deep and relevant product content covering Features, Advantages and Benefits (FAB)
  • Product reviews by other customers
  • Manufacturer videos showing features and benefits
  • Consumer videos giving insights on product features and uses
  • Consumer forums open to having consumers asking and answering questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions with Answers
  • Social Media Response Management

Product Buying assistance needs to be viewed as an investment and like any marketing investment will have a certain effectiveness. There is no doubt that a large part of this investment may just be going into educating customers who may finally go and buy the same or similar product from a competing brand or competing retailer.

Good product buying assistance can also increase the average time on the site, have content that serves your site up on search engines and also increase your conversion rates

In Summary

An Online store operator that has several product categories and types should look at Product Buying Assistance in a comprehensive way. The content generated through the process of creating and providing buying guidance can also be used as a marketing tool to be spread to prospects using a content marketing strategy

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