Tiger Pug is a Singapore HQ company set up to serve retailers across the world.

The company focus is to source trending and innovative merchandise within existing categories and to supply these to small and medium retailers. The benefit for retailers is that they get access to new trending merchandise that may otherwise not be in their consideration set. It thereby enhances their category presence and increases their merchandise depth and competitiveness

Tiger Pug provides the merchandising and sourcing capability that small and medium retailers may find extremely challenging to do on their own. This combined with quality management and import , export and delivery forms a much needed service to small and medium retailers across the world.

The company is incubated by Ajay Miglani

Any potential investors who like the idea of having a share in the exciting world of cross border commerce and B2B Ecommerce are welcome

If you are interested in any way to be a part of this venture please write to or whatsapp +65 83886673 or wechat ajaymiglani