Sourcing for Retailers and Shop Owners

Buy products for resale in your shop or online store. Use Tiger Pug to buy products at wholesale prices

We provide sourcing services for small and medium retailers. This helps retailers procure merchandise for sale to their customers. We procure and sell trending merchandise to retailers and online sellers who in turn sell these to their customers. Retailers who buy from us use our group buying system to be able to buy in small quantities

Our analytics, merchandising and sourcing teams procure trending and best selling items direct from manufacturers and sell these to our customers – retail and trade partners who have their retail shops or sell through online channels like Paytm Online Marketplace, Amazon and Flipkart.

As a retailer you can get the benefit of our sourcing services and have the following advantages

  1. Learn about products that are new and trending and be able to procure these easily
  2. Choose from a vast range of merchandise without having to establish contact with multiple manufacturers
  3. Get products sourced from multiple countries delivered to your warehouse or shop
  4. Get quality assurance and make payments locally to a party in your country *(Currently offered in select countries)
  5. Get liquidation support for unsold inventory

The above will enhance your capability to source a vast range of merchandise while you focus on your business and store operations

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