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Introduction: The eco-friendly approach today has blended with the mind-sets and lifestyles of people. Environmentally conscious consumers want to make an informed choice of their purchases and wish to reduce the overall harm on the ecological balance due to excessive non-organic production. Eco-Fashion by definition takes into account the environmental impact, the impact on the user and...
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Categories of protective and assistance equipment can be divided into the following categories 1. Shower and Tub - Grab Bars Grab bars provide balance and assistance in slippery bathroom floor conditions, where chances of tripping and falling are high. They can be installed along the edges of the bathtub, for easy in stepping out. Or can be installed on the...
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The medical reason for usage of Adult Diapers is Urinal Incontinence. It is a condition where the Pelvic floor muscles are weakened and cannot hold the pressure exerted by the bladder. Urinal incontinence is a cause of loose pelvic floor muscles. Apart from the age factor, incontinence can also happen due to the pressure exerted...
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How Japanese consumer brands can sell their products in India

Our offering to Japanese brands is simple
  1. They export their merchandise to India and keep it with us in our warehouse
  2. We list these products on various online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm
  3. We sell these products on behalf of the company wherein we are the local seller on the online marketplaces
  4. We pay the company for products...
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