Why Brands Should Create Buying Guides For All Their Products

Why Brands Should Create Buying Guides For All Their Products

There are a plethora of products and services to meet every need and more. Established brands are now facing challenges from multiple competitors - international, local, hyper local.  Sales channels and influencers too are changing. Bloggers and online content publishers are as important in influencing sales as are in-store sales representatives.

In this competitive environment, it would be good if marketers lead the way in  educating consumers about their products and services in more detail.

This would make the consumer focus on more than just price. And also allow consumers to make the best decision.

One small part (though important ) part of this is the availability of detailed information about the sellers products and services. One way for brands to ensure that all the key consumer touch-points are well equipped to answer consumer queries is by creating Product Buying Guides

A typical buying guide would have the following components

  1. The different types of products within the product category e.g. for washing machines - Top Loading Machines and Front Loading Machines
  2. The use cases and product fitment. e.g. for low light photography the best products are ......
  3. The terminology and jargon explained in layman terms e.g. meaning and benefits of Inverter Technology for Aircons and Refrigerators
  4. Frequently Asked Questions. Those that consumers are asking at your call centres, from your in-store sales reps and on social media. Compile and have answers for these made available
  5. Customer comments and referrals. This could be an important part of the buying guides as consumers want to know what other users have to say about the product
  6. Brand videos. Published on youtube or your site. The buying guides should have links to your brand videos
  7. Consumer Videos. As a brand you may be surprised to see that many consumers may have posted videos like ' How To' , 'Why', 'Which is better'. You can put links of these videos on your buying guides

Your product buying guides can be made available through various channels

  1. Provided to your in-store sales reps
  2. Provided to bloggers
  3. On your own website
  4. Published on social media
  5. Provided to your sales team for training
  6. Provided to consumers through in-store tablets

In Summary - Every Brand and Retailer would benefit from investing in creating buying guides for the consumers and sales teams. These are relatively easy to create and need a project management approach to set these up one time and keep them updated on a regular basis

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